How Come Some People Believe In the Paranormal?

This article described the science of belief. Belief in the super natural such as ghosts, belief that the government is hiding aliens from the public, belief that bigfoot is real are some of the things that researchers were interested in. While being in a STEM field I consider myself to be some what of a skeptic and I take pride in not believing in everything I read and watch. For me, personally, there needs to be a certain amount of scientific professionalism at the very least and I usually look for peer reviewed articles or double blind studies as the best proof of truth. With that said, I think there is always an amount of trust we must give to what we are reading no matter the subject matter. For example, we of course cannot hear and see directly all the information we take in so we have to trust what we are reading is true. It is up to each person individually to set there own standard of truth, although I think many people may not have a standard at all. Things get even more complicated when we move away from the objective sciences into the world of opinionated politics. In summary, the research team gave people a test to measure what kind of thinkers they were. The test differentiated between intuitive thinkers and reflective thinkers. I don’t think the test is a very good parameter for someone’s belief in a certain phenomena as belief is something that develops over a lifetime and takes into account family and social environment, cultural norms, personal life events, as well as intelligence and curiosity. Nonetheless, researchers reported that the reflective thinkers, who were supposed to be more cautious and perhaps skeptical than their intuitive counterparts, were less likely to believe things like their astrological sign and phenomena like UFO’s or bigfoot. I think this article is very interesting and gets to the heart of belief and truth in science, a topic that cannot be under valued, especially in today’s world.



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"The stars keep me up at night" -some song I heard one time Human. Studying the intersection of Neuroscience and Computation. Wanna be (astro) physicist.
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