A Very Short Essay On Sadness

Sadness is an emotion that just about all humans would like to feel less of. From our very first temper-tantrums all the way up to the present day most people have tried to avoid feeling sad. Some of us even tend to assess how good or bad our week/weekends were on the amount of happiness (or sadness) we experienced. Is sadness such a negative emotion that nothing good can ever come from it? Some people, including the author of an article posted on the website psychologytoday.com titled “The Value of Sadness” answer with a resounding no-sadness is not useless and it can actually be very beneficial. It is important to note that the author is not talking about people suffering from depression. Depression is sadness to the extreme, leaving us feeling (sometimes) numb, lonely and hopeless. Depression can start for no specific reason, it also can develop from an overreaction of some kind of life stressor. Sadness, on the other hand, is a natural part of life. It is an appropriate response to something bad or unfortunate happening in your life. There is a saying that somewhat relates that goes something like this: ‘if your life is a flat line you might as well be dead’. I think that, among other things, sadness opens our eyes to what is really important in life. In short, it can be a very sobering experience in an otherwise chaotic world. Sadness also allows us to appreciate when we are the happiest which is why I think it’s important to acknowledge sadness when we feel it, but to also try not to dwell on it for too long.

Based on my personal thoughts after reading this article:



About ben james

"The stars keep me up at night" -some song I heard one time Human. Studying the intersection of Neuroscience and Computation. Wanna be (astro) physicist.
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2 Responses to A Very Short Essay On Sadness

  1. Chahrazad says:

    Hello i thank you for this short essay i like it a lot …^^

  2. alysa donahue says:

    ok thanks

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