PhD vs MD


Broad Street; M.D. vs Phd.

Broad street is a very interesting road, full of lively locals and interesting visitors, it is never a dull time driving down it. When you approach Shriners Hospital and Temple Hospital on the left, youcan see an equally impressive building on the right. This is the MERB, or Medical Education and Research Building for Temple. It is basically the hub for neuroscience research. Broad street now becomes more of a divide then just a physical one. On the left (when you are heading South, heading towards William Penn) the Shriners building along with the Temple Hospital are very impressive. They also represent the M.D.’s, that is, the medical doctors, the students who went to college and opted to enter med-school. Very honorable. These type of doctors, as opposed to the doctorates, are what I call learners or practitioners. They are the ones who learn the knowledge, memorize all the information and practice what they know on people, usually the public. On the other hand, on the right, you have temples neuroscience building. This structure is also very impressive (as an inpatient at shriners I actually used to sit and watch out the window while they built this building). This building is filled with the Phd’s. These doctors I call the discoverers. They are the ones who (usually in the scientific community at least) do the research and experiments. They are the ones who discover new information and turn it over to the M.D.’s to put into practice. I learned all this by speaking with Dr. (Mickey) Selzer, the man who has an M.D. and a Phd., as well as runs the entire six floor of the building, funded by Shriners and Temple.


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"The stars keep me up at night" -some song I heard one time Human. Studying the intersection of Neuroscience and Computation. Wanna be (astro) physicist.
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