What do you strive for? What do you dream about?

I think one of the major difficulties in achieving happiness and fulfillment in this world is just that-we try to achieve our goals in the world, or rather through the worlds view. We let society dictate how we go about achieving our dreams, in fact we hand over our very dreams willingly to satisfy what others have claimed to be right. We dream of big houses and flashy cars, we imagine respect and envy from our peers. Society tells us how and what to strive for and we eagerly march along. What’s wrong with this? Well, nothing, if that’s what you really desire. But I would be cautious of these dreams especially if you’ve put little thought into your life and your future. As much as I envy physics students I pity the business ones. How unlucky can you be but to find yourself in a field that teaches nothing but wealth accumulation? The mass hoarding of private property may be the most successful illusion of the 21st century. You see once you get this thing you need that thing and once you get that thing you need the new one and once you get that you are upset when your friend gets next years model ahead of time. This is the reason there are companies that do nothing but sell space. They sell space and call them storage rooms for people who have so much they cant use it all, so they pay to put their property away, for whatever reason. Imagine an African child who has one soccer ball and a set of shoes. What value do you think the child places on these two possessions? If no where else, in the case of private property less is more. Happiness is fleeting and the gratification of achievement is temporary. It is one of the more difficult parts of human life to sustain an elevated level of happiness. This feat becomes ever more challenging amidst cultural pressures constantly pushing and pulling us towards what is collectively deemed appropriate. My advice, (from a Jay-Z song) drive by the fork in the road and go straight. Make your own footprints wherever you might find yourself. There has never been another you and there never will be. Find a passion, dream of a life you’ve never imagined. Then go get it.


About ben james

"The stars keep me up at night" -some song I heard one time Human. Studying the intersection of Neuroscience and Computation. Wanna be (astro) physicist.
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