The Ever-Changing Self

Sometimes in order to understand yourself it is necessary to talk to your self, or better yet type to yourself, in order to figure out what is going on inside. Just like writing a paper or novel it can be advantageous to jot down your thoughts, feelings, goals, hopes and dreams in order to better connect with your true self. I am 21 years old and after stripping off all the labels that have been put on me, for instance, student, son, brother, PA resident, wheelchair user, former hockey player, avid writer, etc., I am not sure at all who I am. All of these descriptions are just that, they describe me, they describe the person who I am. Interestingly, many of those labels do not describe who I was or who I will be. Either way you see it, we are not just labels stuck to a person for a certain amount of time. We are much more deeper then that, but that deepness and complexity of who we are makes it that much harder to know ourselves. How different do you act when you are interacting with different people? For example your spouse, your brother, your mother, you mother-in-law, your waitress or even your state representative. Now each separate person calls for a different circumstance, is it that hard to imagine that each situation calls for a different you? You may say that this is the common practice of “switching hats” if you will and maybe you are right. I am not expert in consciousness, psychology or sociology but I have 21 years of experience under my belt and I think that counts for something. I also think that the analogy of different hats does not express the reality of the always changing you. I have heard of the seven years fact, that you replace all of your bodies cells within seven years and I don’t think it is that huge of a problem and I am fairly certain it is untrue. Nevertheless, seven years is such a long time to wait for a “real new” you to emerge, just look at how fast people, not to mention children change from year to year. We are not our past and we are not our future. I will be someone different tomorrow albeit only very slightly different. The fact is that your brain changes everyday, with each new lesson and each new experience changing ourselves into someone different. Who will you be tomorrow and the next day and the next day…?


About ben james

"The stars keep me up at night" -some song I heard one time Human. Studying the intersection of Neuroscience and Computation. Wanna be (astro) physicist.
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One Response to The Ever-Changing Self

  1. Beverley says:

    So true, you are a real intelligent 21year old. Keep doing what you doing.

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