A Life Worth Living

I have been experiencing a feeling of uneasiness thinking about the present and future. I am seriously worried that I will arrive at an old age and not know where my entire life went. I am worried that I will find myself at age 40 or 50 or 60 and not remember the vast majority of what I did, what I felt, what I loved and what I hated. I can hardly remember what I did two nights ago, let alone all my experiences over the last 20 years. I can remember and look back on what seems like a fraction of one percent of my actual life experiences and it is slightly troubling. If I cant remember almost everything ive ever done then how important is what I do today or tomorrow or next week, or last week? It is as if nothing matters, because who cares if your actions and experiences are not even remembered. This view of life calls for a certain type of boldness, bravery. A feeling of courageous spontaneity comes to mind. Of course, I don’t suggest living with reckless abandon or doing anything that would seriously jeopardize the future. Moreover, how do we live in the moment more often? Being aware of our surroundings, who we’re with or what we’re doing? An interesting point here is that one of the biggest factors of how happy I am is my own awareness of how happy I think I should be in the current situation. For example, going to a party and having a great night with friends might make me feel happy about that night. But is it the actual partying and laughing which makes me happy or is it the fact that just doing those things makes me think I should be happy? Constantly being aware of how little time we have on Earth and constantly striving to live the best life are two great ways to stress yourself out.


About ben james

"The stars keep me up at night" -some song I heard one time Human. Studying the intersection of Neuroscience and Computation. Wanna be (astro) physicist.
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2 Responses to A Life Worth Living

  1. swo8 says:

    Some things are meant to be forgotten. Let it go. If you search for happiness you’ll never find it.

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