Would You Like To Be Immortal?

Would it be a good thing or bad thing to be able to live forever? Would you want to be immortal if given the chance? At first glance this question seems almost childish. Of course we want to be immortal! Why do we spend billions and billions every year, around the world searching for cures and treatments which enable us to live longer healthier lives. I can think of nothing more incredible than sitting back and watching history unfold. Sitting back and observing the human race not as a static entity but as a moving, breathing beast. How magical it would be to stand upon your mountain of immortality, peering down at the human race, realizing its complete fluidity. Watching nations go to war and find peace, reading about ground-breaking discoveries about life and the universe. Imagine confirming that extraterrestrial life does in fact exist. How amazing all this would be. There are, however a few downfalls that aren’t quite as obvious as the benefits. For instance your family will eventually die. All of them will die. In fact everyone you will ever meet will die, leaving you to be a perpetual stranger in your own world. This sounds like it would be an extreme hardship, but one that I think most people would trade for immortality. But what about the infinite days, years, centuries that you will of course be around for. Apart from making new friends and family you will also eventually see the sixth mass extinction most likely exterminating all of mankind. Then what? Now you are alone, completely and utterly alone. Considering something Earth like still exists, you will be a single human, wandering aimlessly through a barren waist land of untold horror. Worse yet, the opium of your immortality, if not by now, will soon run out. There is nothing left to do, nothing left to feel, no one left to talk to, there is just you, a single being, lost and alone. And soon you will become maniac and insane. The horror of your never ending existential angst will fill you terror and you will commit suicide. The problem is that suicide is not an option anymore, you must live with what you wished, you must now reap what you have sewn.


About ben james

"The stars keep me up at night" -some song I heard one time Human. Studying the intersection of Neuroscience and Computation. Wanna be (astro) physicist.
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One Response to Would You Like To Be Immortal?

  1. kingbadger79 says:

    I would imagine that immortality would suck if you’re the only one that is immortal.

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