Who are we? Where are we? Inquiries of the human race


I am an animal. I am but one member of a bipedal species which is currently seven billion members strong. We are the most intelligent animal on our planet although we have only been around for a mere 50,000 years. As animals we belong to something we call the animal kingdom, which is our way of documenting and giving order to all known animals that have ever existed. Our race often forgets that we are included in this kingdom, under a category called mammals, and in a subgroup known as primates. My animal parents have decided to call me Ben. Sometimes our race forgets that we are all animals of the same species, which is perhaps our greatest downfall. Our race has decided to call our genetically-closest ancestor the Homo sapiens. As far as we can tell there were a number of different homo-type relatives of the Homo sapiens that co-existed with them. We think that because of our slight intellectual advantage we were able to evolve and they were not. Currently, the mass majority of our species inhabits the third planet from our home star; however a few of our astronauts are orbiting our planet in the International Space Station. Our species calls our planet ‘Earth’. We have begun the search for nearby planets that could potentially be life sustaining. We have also started planning for a manned mission to our closest galactic neighbor named ‘Mars’. Though it would be a great accomplishment for our race, living on Mars will be a formidable task indeed. We orbit our home star, which we have named ‘The Sun’, at an average distance of just under 93 billion miles. Our top intellectuals believe, with a great amount of certainty that our solar system resides in the middle of an arm of a flat spiral galaxy. Our species also believes that our galaxy, which we have named ‘The Milky Way’, contains a super massive black hole at it’s center which keeps the galaxy running smoothly through its gravitational pull. We are not yet sure what part of the Universe we inhabit, but it appears we are located near the middle. We are also not sure if we inhabit the only universe, or if there are an infinite amount of them. It is believed that our universe is about 13.7 billion years old. We do not know what there was, if anything, before 13.7 billions years ago. We call the birth of our universe ‘The Big Bang’. We do not know if there is life somewhere else in the universe, but we strongly suspect it because of the pure mathematical probability. We do not know what lies outside our universe if anything. We do not know how or when our universe will cease to exist. As humans we are incredibly intelligent but not so smart. We are immensely creative but doubly destructive. We are genuine, sentient beings but most of us strive for power. We enjoy our freedom and autonomy, but dislike when others have more than us. As animals, our kingdom is vicious and brutal. Most species are eaten alive or wounded and starve to death. But humans are by far the most ruthless creatures but mostly towards each other. Many of us believe we will be the cause of our own extinction. Many of us believe that our evolutionary, advantageous intellectual capability will be to blame in what will undoubtedly be the first time in our Earth’s 4.6 billion years of existence that evolutionary pressures are to blame for the demise of a species.


About ben james

"The stars keep me up at night" -some song I heard one time Human. Studying the intersection of Neuroscience and Computation. Wanna be (astro) physicist.
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