Finding time to think critically

A regular week for the typical person is filled with things. For most American adults the 40 hour work week is a hellish montage of scrambling to and fro, driving here, driving there, running errands, picking up children, and handling day to day catastrophes. During this chaotic schedule, people attempt to compartmentalize their lives into strict and orderly timed activities whatever they may be. We try to create a life schedule to always follow and abide by, unless a significant curveball is tossed into our well oiled agenda. Is there anytime to contemplate then? To think, critically about what we are doing? Are they behaving how we should be, or rather living as we should be, to our greatest potential? Is there a different method of raising children we should be aware of? Are we doing what they love, and if not, how do we get there without abandoning our jobs and families? I suppose if people do wonder about such questions, and I know some people do, it must happen late at night when we have given up on the day, saved whatever task we are working on for tomorrow. The power of thought can be life changing and always is brain-altering. If you change the way you think you can change how you live.


About ben james

"The stars keep me up at night" -some song I heard one time Human. Studying the intersection of Neuroscience and Computation. Wanna be (astro) physicist.
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