The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia

This is an article I recently read and while its topic is extremely graphic and horrific it is something that in my opinion needs to be brought to light.  The article is a first hand account of the author Jean Friedman-Rudovsky. She visited a Mennonite colony in Bolivia,  a landlocked country in South America.  The Mennonite Colony, called Manitoba Colony is home to around 2,500 members and on the surface seems like a perfectly legit religion based community.  However, something very evil has been occurring since at least 2005 ( although probably much earlier) that has rocked (sadly) only the community of Manitoba colony. At first it was only members of one family that started reporting something they referred to as “ghost rapes”.  In the beginning no one believed the girls,  believing that they were making up stories to hide an affair. Some even dubbed these reports as “wild female imagination”. Slowly, the news of these reports spread and grew until the problem couldn’t  be ignored. Many females had reported waking up in the morning  with extreme pain, often with ripped pajamas and blood, semen, dirt, etc.  staining their white sheets. Also, a few girls remembered brief incidents of terror, when a man (or men) were overtop of her in the middle of the night. These incidents could not be accounted for whatsoever and so they were dubbed “Ghost Rapes”. The “Ghost Rapes” continued for years and the community was baffled offering no answers or help to the victims. Often times it seemed that the event was ignored and pushed out of the publics eye for reasons we now know. At the time Manitoba had no where to turn to for help, as they strictly prohibit use technology from the modern world ( this means no cameras,  no forensic investigations, no alarm systems, etc.).  The women, and few men that had been reporting these events were helpless as the sun went down each night blanketing the colony in a terrifying blackness (there were no streetlights installed in the colony).  The “Ghost Rapes” continued for nearly four years until one night in 2009 two men were caught trying to enter a neighbors house.  They were interviewed and eventually caved, revealing everything. All together there were nine ( probably more though) men who admitted to hiding outside their neighbors houses at night were they would spray a chemical in through the screens, knocking out the entire family and then climbing in.  The youngest victim was three and the oldest, 55. There are many more details in the article that I won’t go into about the rappings.  There were also a reported 130 victims (although the actual number is thought to be much higher).  Even though the trial is over there are still awful crimes being committed that are apparently being brushed under the table.The author spent 11 days in the colony and interviewed a number of Mennonites.  Aside from the psychological trauma the victims suffer from, there was evidence of rampant molestation and incest.   Manitoba acts pretty much as a sovereign nation and police have no jurisdiction in the area. There are nine head ministers and one head Bishop ( who said about the victims, “why would they need counseling they werent even awake when it happened?”). The men run the colony and ignore these horrific crimes and it needs to be stopped. I hope by writing this I anger people, or disgust people so hopefully they are moved to pass it on.


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