Riley Cooper says NI**er

This situation has been all over ESPN and news shows since it happened and while i don’t think it is justifiable, i don’t think it should be getting as much attention as it is. But of course it’s being blown way out of proportion by the media for the simple fact that it will get a big reaction, leading to higher ratings. My point is that Cooper only said a word (granted,  probably the worst word to get caught saying as a white man), meanwhile you have criminals all throughout the league. you can find anything from domestic violence and assualts to animal torture and drug abuse. However, I do understand what kind of a word n**ger is, I can try to understand what it means to black people when they hear it ( from a white person, obviously). Coopers incident compared to these actual crimes pail in comparison don’t they?  Maybe,  I believe the answer depends on something none of us know except for Cooper. Is he just being a drunk, arrogant, dick who wanted to offended some black people or is he actually a racist asshole who views blacks as inferior? I know growing up in the white suburbs that some  kids say “nigga” quite often and some even say ni**er quite often, does this make them racist? I know ive said both words a number of times, but i am not racist whatsoever ( consciously, at least).  Maybe i’m giving Cooper the benifet of the doubt because he’s on the Eagles, or maybe because i can somewhat identify with him. Whatever the case, at best Cooper is a drunk idiot who just happened to get caught in the wrong place saying the wrong thing,  and at worst he is a racist.


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